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San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force Deploys Case Closed Software™ For Investigation Management

The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) has announced the deployment of specialized investigation software from Case Closed Software™. The task force, led by Commander Geanie Franco, conducted an exhaustive search for an investigative case management system and chose Case Closed Software for its simplicity, flexibility, and overall value.

The software is expected to enhance the task force’s ability to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases in the San Diego area.

“We are excited to deploy this new cloud-based software and believe it will be a valuable asset in our fight against human trafficking,” said Commander Franco.

Case Closed Software is a leading provider of investigative case management software for law enforcement agencies. The company’s software is designed to help investigators manage cases more efficiently and effectively, with features such as case tracking, evidence management, and reporting.

Douglas Wood, CEO of Case Closed Software, expressed his pride in adding the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) to the company’s growing list of clients. “My company focuses on specialized investigation units,” said Mr. Wood, “and we are thrilled to have been chosen by the HTTF for our investigative case management software.”

The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force is a cooperative effort involving the following agencies:

  • California Department of Justice/Attorney
  • General’s Office (DOJ/AGO)
  • California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)
  • California Highway Patrol (CHP)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)
  • National City Police Department (NCPD)
  • San Diego City Attorney’s Office (SDCAO)
  • San Diego District Attorney’s Office (SDCDAO)
  • San Diego County Probation Department (SDCPD)
  • San Diego Sheriff’s Department (SDSD)
  • San Diego Police Department (SDPD)
  • United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of California (USAO)
  • A dozen other agencies including local police, sheriff’s offices, IRS, CIS, and Border Patrol.

For more information about Case Closed Software and its investigative case management software, please visit the company’s website.

Enhancing the Fight Against Crimes Against Children

Crimes against children are among the most heinous and heartbreaking offenses in society. The need for swift and effective investigations to protect and seek justice for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community is of utmost importance. In recent years, advances in technology have significantly impacted the realm of law enforcement and investigation. One such technological breakthrough is investigation case management software, a powerful tool that has revolutionized how law enforcement agencies tackle crimes against children.

In this article, we will explore the significance of investigation case management software in combatting these heinous crimes, drawing on insights from the upcoming Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas.

The Prevalence of Crimes Against Children

Before delving into the impact of investigation case management software, it is essential to understand the gravity of crimes against children. Sadly, these offenses encompass a wide range of abuse, including physical abuse, sexual exploitation, child trafficking, and online predation. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there were more than 1.6 million reports of child exploitation in 2021 alone, highlighting the need for robust investigative tools.

The Role of Investigation Case Management Software

Investigation case management software, such as the one offered by Case Closed Software™, has emerged as a game-changer in the fight against crimes targeting children. This advanced software solution provides law enforcement agencies with a comprehensive platform to manage and streamline investigations, making it easier for investigators to track, analyze, and act on critical information.

Streamlined Data Management and Collaboration

One of the primary challenges faced by law enforcement agencies when dealing with crimes against children is the vast amount of data involved in these investigations. From witness statements to digital evidence, the sheer volume can overwhelm investigators. Investigation case management software allows for centralized data storage, facilitating seamless collaboration among multiple departments and agencies. This streamlined data management ensures that investigators have quick access to all relevant information, leading to faster case resolutions.

Integration of Advanced Analytical Tools

Case Closed Software integrates cutting-edge analytical tools, such as link analysis and data visualization, that aid investigators in connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. These tools are particularly invaluable in complex cases involving child exploitation networks and online predators. By analyzing and mapping relationships between suspects, victims, and key pieces of evidence, investigators can build stronger cases and identify criminal patterns more efficiently.

Improved Case Visibility and Accountability

With investigation case management software, supervisors and administrators gain real-time visibility into ongoing cases. This enhanced oversight enables them to monitor progress, allocate resources effectively, and ensure accountability throughout the investigative process. As a result, law enforcement agencies can better prioritize cases involving children, giving these cases the attention they deserve.

Crimes Against Children Conference (CACC)


The Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas (August 6 – 10, 2023)  provides a platform for law enforcement professionals to share knowledge, best practices, and experiences related to investigating crimes against children. Incorporating investigation case management software into these discussions allows attendees to understand the software’s practical application and the advantages it offers. Moreover, it facilitates the exchange of valuable insights, enabling agencies to optimize their use of the software for more effective investigations.


Investigation case management software has emerged as a powerful ally in the fight against crimes against children. Its ability to streamline data management, facilitate collaboration, integrate advanced analytical tools, and support digital forensics has significantly improved the efficacy of law enforcement investigations. As we continue to battle the heartbreaking crimes committed against our children, the integration of technology, like the software offered by Case Closed Software, ensures that law enforcement agencies have the necessary tools to bring perpetrators to justice and protect the innocent.

By leveraging technology and fostering knowledge-sharing platforms like the Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, we can collectively work towards a safer and more secure future for our children.

Lantern Rescue Selects Case Closed Software as Their Preferred Investigation Case Management Solution

[Ashboro, NC] — Lantern Rescue, a leading global non-governmental organization dedicated to combatting human trafficking, is proud to announce the selection of Case Closed Software as its primary investigation case management solution. After an extensive search for an affordable and feature-rich software solution, Lantern Rescue has chosen Case Closed Software to enhance its efforts in the fight against human trafficking worldwide.Human trafficking remains a pervasive and heinous crime, affecting millions of men, women, and children around the globe. Lantern Rescue has been at the forefront of counter-human trafficking efforts, working tirelessly to rescue victims, prosecute traffickers, and prevent future cases of exploitation. To bolster their investigative capabilities and streamline its operations, Lantern Rescue sought a comprehensive case management system that would provide a seamless workflow and advanced features.

Following a meticulous evaluation of various software solutions, Lantern Rescue found Case Closed Software to be the ideal fit for their requirements. The software’s robust features, affordability, and user-friendly interface stood out during the selection process. Case Closed Software’s cutting-edge technology will enable Lantern Rescue’s investigators to efficiently collect, manage, and analyze case information, allowing them to focus on their core mission of rescuing victims and bringing traffickers to justice.

Key features of Case Closed Software include:

  1. Intuitive Case Management: A centralized platform that simplifies the collection, organization, and retrieval of case-related data, ensuring investigators can access crucial information quickly and effectively.
  2. Collaboration and Task Assignment: Seamless communication and task assignment capabilities enable Lantern Rescue’s team members to collaborate effortlessly and enhance overall efficiency.
  3. Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Robust analytical tools and customizable reporting features enable in-depth analysis, pattern recognition, and data-driven decision-making for more effective investigations.
  4. Document and Evidence Management: A secure repository for storing and managing digital assets, such as documents, images, videos, and audio recordings, providing investigators with easy access to critical evidence.
  5. Customizable Workflow: Tailor-made to fit the specific needs of Lantern Rescue, Case Closed Software offers flexible workflow configurations to streamline and automate investigative processes.

Lantern Rescue firmly believes that the integration of Case Closed Software will significantly enhance their investigative capabilities, enabling them to make greater strides in combating human trafficking worldwide. By implementing this state-of-the-art case management solution, Lantern Rescue is strengthening its commitment to efficiently rescue victims, disrupt criminal networks, and contribute to the global fight against human trafficking.

About Lantern Rescue: Lantern Rescue is a global non-governmental organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and modern-day slavery. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a network of partners worldwide, Lantern Rescue conducts rescue operations, provides victim support, pursues legal action against traffickers, and works to prevent future cases of exploitation. For more information, please visit www.lanternrescue.org.

About Case Closed Software: Case Closed Software is a leading provider of comprehensive investigation case management solutions for law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporate investigators. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and customizable workflows, Case Closed Software streamlines the investigation process, enabling organizations to effectively manage and solve complex cases. For more information, please visit www.caseclosedsoftware.com.

Using Case Management Software in Anti-Human Trafficking Investigations

In a previous article, we overviewed some Best Practices for Anti and Counter-Human Trafficking NGOs. What follows is an update specific to how purpose-built software can aid in the investigations and rescues.

Human trafficking is a global problem that affects millions of people each year. According to the International Labour Organization, there are an estimated 25 million victims of forced labor and human trafficking worldwide. Anti-human trafficking investigators play a vital role in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting traffickers, but they face numerous challenges in their work. In this blog, we will discuss some of the problems facing anti-human trafficking investigators and how investigation case management software from Case Closed Software™ helps.

  1. Limited Resources

Anti-human trafficking investigators often work with limited resources, including staff, funding, and technology. They may not have access to the latest tools and resources needed to investigate and prosecute traffickers effectively. This can result in a lack of coordination and communication between agencies and delays in identifying and rescuing victims.

Investigation case management software from Case Closed Software helps by providing investigators with a comprehensive platform for managing cases, evidence, and information. The software includes a range of features, such as case tracking, document management, and collaboration tools, that allow investigators to work more efficiently and effectively. With the software, investigators can quickly and easily share information and coordinate with other agencies, resulting in more effective investigations and prosecutions.

  1. Difficulty Gathering and Managing Information

Anti-human trafficking investigators must collect and manage a vast amount of information during their investigations. This can include data on traffickers, victims, and locations, as well as evidence, witness statements, and legal documentation. Managing this information can be challenging, especially when working with multiple agencies and sources.

Investigation case management software from Case Closed Software helps by providing investigators with a centralized platform for managing all case information. The software allows investigators to store and organize information in a structured and secure manner, making it easy to access and share with other agencies. The software also includes powerful search and reporting features, enabling investigators to quickly find and analyze information critical to their investigations.

  1. Data Security and Privacy

Human trafficking investigations often involve sensitive and confidential information that must be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Investigators must comply with strict data privacy and security regulations and ensure that information is only shared on a need-to-know basis.

Investigation case management software from Case Closed Software is designed with security and privacy in mind. The software includes robust security features, such as encryption, user access controls, and audit trails, ensuring that data is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. The software also allows investigators to control access to information on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that sensitive information is only shared with authorized personnel.

  1. Lack of Standardization

Human trafficking investigations can involve multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and international partners. Each agency may have its own processes, procedures, and systems, making it difficult to coordinate investigations and share information effectively.

Investigation case management software from Case Closed Software provides investigators with a standardized platform for managing cases and information. The software allows investigators to establish standard processes and procedures, ensuring that investigations are conducted consistently across agencies and jurisdictions. This standardization makes it easier to share information and coordinate investigations, leading to more effective outcomes.


Human trafficking is a complex and challenging problem that requires a coordinated and comprehensive response from law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders. Anti-human trafficking investigators face numerous challenges in their work, including limited resources, difficulty gathering and managing information, data security and privacy, and lack of standardization.

Investigation case management software from Case Closed Software helps investigators overcome these challenges by providing a comprehensive platform for managing cases, evidence, and information. The software includes a range of features that enable investigators to work more efficiently and effectively, improving the quality and speed of investigations and leading to more successful prosecutions.

Hope For Justice Selects Case Closed Software to Enhance Anti-Human Trafficking Investigations

Nashville, TN (January 2, 2023) – Hope For Justice, a leading international non-profit organization dedicated to ending modern slavery, announced today that it has selected Case Closed Software to enhance its anti-human trafficking investigations.

Hope For Justice is dedicated to rescuing and supporting victims of human trafficking and bringing perpetrators to justice. The organization has a long history of success in investigations and has rescued thousands of victims. However, with the increasing complexity of human trafficking, Hope For Justice has recognized the need for a more advanced technology solution to support its efforts.

Case Closed Software provides a comprehensive case management solution designed specifically for anti-human trafficking investigations. With its purpose-built counter-human trafficking capabilities, Hope For Justice will be able to streamline its investigations, identify new leads and track the progress of its cases more effectively.

“We are honored to be working with Hope For Justice and its mission to end modern slavery,” said Douglas Wood, CEO of Case Closed Software. “We believe that our technology will be a valuable asset in the fight against human trafficking and we look forward to supporting Hope For Justice in its important work.”

About Hope For Justice: Hope For Justice is a leading international non-profit organization dedicated to ending modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. Founded in 2008, Hope For Justice has operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Cambodia, and Nigeria.

About Case Closed Software: Case Closed Software is a leading provider of technology solutions for anti-human trafficking and other criminal investigations. The company’s comprehensive case management solution is designed specifically to support the needs of anti-trafficking organizations and law enforcement agencies.

For more information, please contact:

Douglas Wood, CEO Case Closed Software dwood@crimetechsolutions.com

Veterans 4 Child Rescue Deploys Leading-Edge Technology to Battle Age-Old Human Trafficking Problem

Tucson, AZ – (April 1, 2021) Vets 4 Child Rescue (V4CR), a non-profit organization formed in 2017 and dedicated to fighting child rape trafficking, announced today that they have adopted the industry leading investigation case management system from Austin, TX based Case Closed Software™.

According to a V4CR spokesperson, their non-profit’s mission is 3-fold:

Nationwide alert: Provide nationwide attention to the prevalence of child rape trafficking that is rampant in all 50 states. This is done through traditional media, social media and our Nationwide Volunteer program.
Arrest child predators: An investigative team uses their military and law enforcement experience to run operations in conjunction with local/federal law enforcement and district attorneys to arrest predators that prey on children and to ensure that they will see the cases through to conviction.
Protect our children: The V4CR Nationwide Volunteer program provides educational outreach programs to arm citizens with the necessary tools to protect their children and maintain safe communities.

“V4CR is fully committed to the rescue of children, and we’re investing in the best technologies possible to assist us. Case Closed Software is a huge part of that strategy”, says V4CR Founder and Veteran Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. “With these leading-edge tools, we can ensure the evidence will be processed optimally and the predators brought to legal account behind bars where they can harm no more.”

Craig grew up near Houston, TX, got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps, and quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. As an Operator on the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), Craig gained critical combat experience that is now being utilized to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Because of his experience as a federal criminal investigator, Craig is uniquely qualified to run joint sting operations with law enforcement agencies and allied Non-Governmental Organizations.

Case Closed Software, founded in 2016 by Austin TX entrepreneur Douglas Wood, provides V4CR with robust software designed to assist in their fight against human trafficking and child rape. The software helps V4CR track the entire case lifecycle from tips to post-prosecution, and has revolutionized their ability to work more cases, arrest more perpetrators, and most importantly rescue more children.

“With all of our law enforcement connections and investigators, we needed a platform that will allow us to better our operations and use our resources to their full capacity” added Pete McCarthy, the director of investigations at V4CR. “Case Closed Software gives us end-to-end case management with a configurable workflow, tips and leads management, evidence tracking, operations planning, multi-language support, and a host of other powerful features including entity deconfliction and visualization.”

The Exodus Road scores Human Victory with Case Closed Software

(March 21, 2021)  Because of The Exodus Road, using skilled operatives and anti-human trafficking case management software from Case Closed Software, a young woman is free today in India!

The Exodus Road uses trained, professional ‘search and rescue’ teams across the globe that to work alongside national law enforcement partners to bring rescue to victims of human trafficking and arrests of their perpetrators.

In this particular case, The Exodus Road team in India coordinated with local police to bring freedom to Kaija (not her real name). She is out of danger now, safe at home where her ongoing needs will be assessed.

Her three traffickers have all been charged and await legal action.

The Exodus Road team has been working closely with the Case Closed anti-human trafficking investigation software for several months, and credits the software for making search and rescue missions easier to manage across their global jurisdictions.


About The Exodus Road

The Exodus Road is a 501c3 nonprofit, registered with the U.S. government. We believe that one of the unique functions we serve in this field is to gather as many people as possible “around the table” for the sake of bringing justice to the enslaved. Our staff and teams around the world represent a variety of religions and cultures, as do the survivors we serve.

Case Closed Software Announces Advances in Investigation Software

Crime Technology Solutions, LLC has deployed a new global release of its Case Closed Software that focuses on helping organizations better manage complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations.

“Case Closed Software is widely recognized as the only true investigation software for multi-jurisdictional investigative agencies”, said the company’s CEO and founder Douglas Wood. “With our latest version, we expand even further into solving the unique problems faced by task forces, global organizations, and other more specialized investigation units”.

New features of Case Closed Software include:

  • Multi-Language Support, which enables Case Closed Software users to interact with the application in any language they choose. All data is translated in realtime so users who speak different languages can share intelligence and case information.
  • Integrated Operations Plan gives organizations the ability to plan and execute strategic investigative operations across jurisdictions. With Case Closed Software’s Operations Plan, users are all executing their initiatives in sync, and everyone is on the same page in terms of strategy and tactics.
  • Improved data entry options, making it easier for investigators to quickly get relevant information into the system. The new system allows administrative re-naming of fields for localization, enhanced drop-down menu functionality, and the ability to remove unused fields completely from the interface.
  • Case Visualization allows users to quickly visualize the elements of their case. Entities such as people, locations, and vehicles are displayed in a simple ‘tree format’ that allows users to click through information related to those entities. With this feature, users can easily view where else their case entities exist within the system across cases and across jurisdictions.
  • Google Location Integration, allowing critical addresses and locations to be entered quickly and accurately. Not all locations are addresses, and the new Case Closed Software features allow users to pin locations on an integrated map. Lat/Long, country, province/state, etc are all auto-populated.

“With global customers like Humane Society International, Exodus Road, and others it is important to continually strive to keep our Case Closed Software at the head of the class. Our latest version is another step in our endless march to remain the go-to solution for investigation case management.”

Download the Case Closed Software product sheet for Multi-Jurisdiction Investigations.

Or, for more information about Crime Technology Solutions, LLC and Case Closed Software, visit https://www.caseclosedsoftware.com