Investigation Automation: Affordably moving from paper and filing cabinets

messyfilecabinet1-resized.jpgInvestigation Case Management refers to the gathering and examination of all the evidence, leads, suspects etc… in a criminal investigation. Traditionally, this has been done with pens and paper and file cabinets, but in the 21st century we now have powerful software to aid investigators in their fight against crime.
The main advantage to investigative case management software is the simplicity and ease-of-access. Having all the relevant information available at the click of a button rather than having to search the evidence room or flip through a file cabinet drastically reduces the amount of man hours required for the task at hand. This consolidation of data also makes it easier for investigators to recognize connections between pieces of evidence.
Not having to move from place to place makes it simple to view all pertinent data at one time, allowing the investigator to cross-reference with ease. Case management software can also can be used to automatically create new cases from several sources and assign and prioritize them as well. This can cut out many hours of crucial police time.
This type of software can also be used both to limit and expand access to case files as needed. Case management software includes a suite of tools that aim to promote collaboration between investigators. The ability to share notes and thoughts in real time allow for a true collaborative effort that speeds up investigations. In addition to making it easy to collaborate, the software can be used to lock out those without the proper clearance, reducing the risk of errors or even evidence tampering.
The software can also reduce an agency’s expenditures. The cost of the software is potentially much less than the money saved by reducing the time and effort it takes to build and prosecute a case. With both reduced cost and better efficiency, investigative case management definitely gives law enforcement more “bang for their buck”.
Case Closed Software™ is the recognized leader in affordable investigation case management software that automates the investigation divisions of law enforcement agencies, district attorneys offices, state agencies, and more.

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