Crime Tech Solutions inks multi-year contract in California

(January 20, 2017)  Crime Tech Solutions, LLC – a fast-growing and vibrant investigation and crime analytics software company based in Austin, TX – today announced that they have secured a multi-year contract to provide advanced criminal intelligence and crime analysis software to a progressive Northern California police department.
The Bay Area city of approximately 300,000 residents is implementing the software company’s IntelNexus™ and Sentinel Visualizer™ solutions. IntelNexus is criminal intelligence database management system designed to help the department gather, store, and disseminate sensitive criminal intelligence data. The program complies with the US federal regulation 28 CFR Part 23, which is a set of guidelines that help law enforcement agencies balance the need to collect and store criminal intelligence with the individual civil liberties of residents. The software ensures that only the correct type of data is stored, and that it is disseminated to authorized users only on a need-to-know basis.
Sentinel Visualizer is a sophisticated data visualization software program that assists crime analysts by finding and displaying non-obvious connections between people, places, and other entities. The link analysis software clearly displays how entities are connected with each other, and is rapidly becoming a staple of investigators and analysts across the country.
Crime Tech Solutions also develops powerful investigation management software called Case Closed™.

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